Samuel's Web designs and maintains websites for small to medium size businesses where cost is a concern. Since I do not require a retainer and charge no annual fees, the ongoing expense is very low once the site is published. I can help you acquire your domain name and set up hosting for you. My prices are as low as $200 for a basic site like the ones below. That includes logo development, original art navigation buttons, and photography. For freelance artwork my hourly rate is $25 per hour. This site shows some of the programs I use to develop my designs. All Graphics are original creations and developed for their perspective sites. There are links to the some of the sites I developed below. Also used but not shown is Adobe PhotoShop ®. This site was developed in Dreamweaver ®. I used Flash , and Fireworks in the design of these pages. My certificates are listed and displayed in a Flash 5 Movie under Certification.

Reno-Tahoe-Monterey Bay
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Graphics Page

Custom Photography

These are some of the sites I have designed for my clients.
These pages will open in their own window so all you have to do is close client window and you will return to Samuel's Web

Leroy's Cafe
Virtual Resturant Cooking Site
Extreme sports site that has a good example of a dynamic content splash page.

Set up to run with client doing all the management and upkeep.

Zentner Brothers
Vintage memories of an all brother band in the 1970's

A Santa Curz area band that plans to place their music and other promo on this site soon.

Artisan Site selling custom
wood carvings.

This is an example of one of my designs.


This is another example of one of my design

Is a one stop shopping center for a range of products and services.
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